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ADV7181c input select

Question asked by NickA on Jun 29, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2010 by noor811

In the reference schematic on pg 266 of the data sheet, the connections for a YPrPb source

shows the following...


Y -> Ain6, pin 49  (also connected to Soy/Sog pin via capacitor)

Pr -> Ain4, pin 47

Pb -> Ain5, pin 48


Please tell me that is the correct pinning for a component input source !!


In the data sheet on pg 215, the selection for YPrPb (Reg 0x00, INSEL) input source specifies the following..


1 0 0 1     Y on AIN1,    Pr on AIN4,   Pb on AIN5    YPbPr


Please tell me that is a typo, and that the reference schematic is correct !!

I layed out my pcb based on the reference schematic.