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Question asked by silviaing on Jan 8, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2017 by luck

Hello guys!

I'm working on a project related to measurement of electrical parameters by using the ADE7753 chip. Thanks to the SPI communication, a successful communication between the microcontroller and the ADE7753 was established.

Now, I have to carry out the calibration step. With regard to the one related to the rms voltage and rms current values , I had no problems!

With regard to energy calibration... I have so many questions! Is there someone who would like to help me to understand how I have to carry out it in the correct way?

It seems that I can choose between two methods of performing the calibration. About the one from an accurate source, could you please let me know what tools I have  to use to do it correctly?

I'd like also to know the following:

  1. Does the calibration routine need to be performed prior or after the routine calibration of voltage and current rms values ?
  2. Does the calibration, both  rms values and energy calibration, need to be performed once  or does it need to be repeated each time I change the load to be measured?
  3. Are the calculated Wh/LSB and VAh/LSB valid constants for each measurement that will be performed after the calibration or need they to be calculated for each measurement that will be performed?
  4. Also I would like to get more informations about the difference between the base current (Ib) and the maximum current (Imax). If I'm using a ACS712 as current sensor at 30 A, does it mean I have to consider the maximum current = 30A? While, as for base current choice in the example at page 41 of the data sheet, it is set = 10 A. But... if I do not have such a current available, could I use a smaller current (as for example 5 A with an electric furnace use)?
  5. About the calibration of the effective current, what it means to chose an Ib and a Imax/50?


Thanks in advance!