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ADAU1761 Output Dynamic Range and Compressor

Question asked by paul.wu on Jan 7, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2014 by paul.wu

Hello ,

       I use the ADAU1761 EVB to test the ADAU1761 audio performance , but I test result is not match data sheet specification , as follow as [ No Filter (RMS) and AVDD=3.3V ]

1) I use ADAU1761 DSP function to production single tone ( 1 KHz) , use volume control to test dynamic range that result limit is -65 dB.

2) as same setting use mute function test Signal-to-Noise Ratio is -65 dB

Could you tell me that the test mode is right or error ?

Also, I have no way to set a compression ratio of 1:2 in the compressor function.

Could you teach to set the compression ratio is 1:2 how I should set it?

Thank you.