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Question asked by herwin on Jan 7, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2014 by herwin

I am using the latest version of fpgahdl_xilinx and no-OS sources (latest as of Jan 6/14) and running on the zc702 + FMCOMMS2 system.  The project was created using version 14.4 tools.


To test the transmission of data from DDR memory, DAC_DMA was defined during software compilation.  Under this configuration, we expect the following sine wave signal to be transmitted:


const uint16_t sine_lut[32] = {

                    0x000, 0x031, 0x061, 0x08D, 0x0B4, 0x0D4, 0x0EC, 0x0FA,

                    0x0FF, 0x0FA, 0x0EC, 0x0D4, 0x0B4, 0x08D, 0x061, 0x031,

                    0x000, 0xFCE, 0xF9E, 0xF72, 0xF4B, 0xF2B, 0xF13, 0xF05,

                    0xF00, 0xF05, 0xF13, 0xF2B, 0xF4B, 0xF72, 0xF9E, 0xFCE



Using chipscope, and observing the data lines dds_data_*, it seems that the data has been corrupted.  (see attached file)


Has anyone else observed this behavior on the FMCOMM2 board?  What should be done to fix this problem?


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