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ADV7612 with SONY DVD player BDP-S490 sync lose issue

Question asked by Sam.S on Jan 7, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2014 by Sam.S

Hi Sir,

     Our customer have a serious issue in ADV7612 when input HDMI source is SONY DVD player BDP-S490. Customer's project status is the last sample run now(the next step is mass production), and their factory product line use SONY DVD player BDP-S470 and BDP-S490 to test their device(ADV7612); all testing result in BDP-470 are ok, but the some device testing result in BDP-S490 are failure, and the failure rate is 2/3(not all failed).


I use ADV7612 EVB to verify this issue, and found the H / V sync are not stable, and ADV7612 HDMI map R0x04 register value are ramdom in 0x0x63/0x23/0x6B/0x3B...(AV_MUTE and HDCP_RX_EXPIRED ramdom be set), the HDMI map R0x07 BIT[7] and BIT[5] are ramdom in '1' and '0'; and the monitor behind the ADV7612 EVB sometimes can see the snow picture(like HDCP authentication failed phenomenon), even run Blackfin DSP code. I have ever try to set HDMI map 0x45[3:0] to 4 or other value, but no useful for the issue.


I found even ADV7850 EVB have the same phenomenon with SONY BDP-S490. And Samsung DVD player BD-C6900 seem have the same issue(End customer QA testing found), but need to borrow the Samsung BD-C6900 to verify whether the same issue or others.


What can I do for this issue, or any experience in SONY DVD player BDP-S490 on ADV7612? Wish can give me some advice, thank you!


Best regards,