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High School Science Project Question about Op Amps?

Question asked by ptoner on Jan 7, 2014
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My son is building a high school  science project in which he has 4 peltier tiles and he would like to power  some LEDs.   He is trying to re-create a project he saw at the Google  Science Fair.  He wants to be able to put his hand over the peltier tiles and have them generate enough volts to power an LED.   The  4 peltier tiles are stamped with Marlow Industries Model # DT3401s.

The peltier tiles will need to generate about 3.3V in order to  light his LED.  I was hoping that you could give me some advice as to  which Op Amp may be best suited to help amplify the millivolts  from the tiles into a  few volts.
Unfortunately, I'm am not an electrical engineer, so I know almost nothing about this subject to help my son. 
Thanks for any advice.