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ADSP-21489 Power-Up Sequencing

Question asked by ItamarEliyahu on Jan 7, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2014 by Jithul_Janardhanan


Does anyone experienced with Power Up Sequence for ADSP-21489?

I mean i try to look for any order which the two input power (VDDint and VDD ext) must be turn on.

In the ADSP-21489 Data Sheet p.23 there is a timing recommendation for the start-up and some consideration that should take in account while designing.

the recommendation is to apply VDDint first and then after delay <200ms to apply rhe VDDext.


In contrast to this recomendation , according to ADSP-21489 Evaluation Board ADSP-21489 EZ_Board Power scheme Page (p.102) , the process is opposite.

There is VDDext turns and then passes throught ADP1864 Power Sequencer with 48msec delay to the VDDint Power Supply EN pin.

EE-357 (Static Voltage Scaling for ADSP-2148x SHARC® Processors) reminds that the EVM Power scheme Page design contain the requirment modification in order to implement SVS ( thechnique to improve performance without increase power consumption).


So as it sounds i dont have any particular Power-Up Sequence order and need solution for it.