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ADV7343 and Color test

Question asked by jtheou on Jan 6, 2014
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I am working with the ADV7343 on a custom board.

I have some issues with the color test. I want the color bar on a CVBS output, so I configure the chip like that :


0x17, 0x02,

0x00, 0xFC,

0x82, 0xCB, 

0x84, 0x40,


I got the pattern, but only in black and white.

The CLKIN_A is generated by my OMAP4, so I cannot have exactly 27Mhz. The best I can get is 26947 kHz.

The chip can work with this frequency ?


I saw on another post that the issue was EXT_LF2. I looked on this part without success.


Any hints ?


Thank you,