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ADSP21469 EZ-Kit with Sigma Studio - Using and External ADC/DAC

Question asked by J_Rucker_00 on Jan 6, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2014 by JJoseph

Our company purchased the EZKit for the ADSP21469 and are using Sigma Studio.  I got the kit to work with the stock codec (AD1939).  However, I want to try using external Codecs or ADC/DAC's and am having a hard time getting the parts to interface.


1) I am having a difficult time determining what format the ADC in the AD1939 outputs to the processor.  Is it left justified,right justified, I2S,or TDM? Is it possible to change these formats in the Sigma Studio software?


2)  I have the same question in regards to what format the DSP sends to the DAC of the AD1939.


3) What is the best signal to use as a master clock for external Codecs/ADC's/DAC's?  Can I edit the clock speeds using Sigma Studio?


Thanks for all of your help.