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adv7611 color issue, Y is right and UV plane see unwanted parts

Question asked by hanjie on Jan 6, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2014 by GuenterL

I created a thread yesterday, but when I tried to edit something the system told me that my post had to be verified before been public, so I recreated one.I‘ve been puzzeled by this problem for weeks.

We're using ADV7611 to receive 1080P@60 video in BT1120 format and my processer is TI's TMS320DM385.By now we can work on capturing but the color seems always incorrect.We do test the case in diffrent input source:

1) colorbar: use a  signal generator, YUV 422 In, seems OK from the whole;

2) complex image by signal generator: YUV422 In, we see additional green spots and unwanted color at image edges;

3) PC graphics card output: RGB input eliminates green spots but color issue still exists;

4) camera hdmi input: the image is filled with green spots.

The problem is:

such case happens only on UV planes, Y plane is always OK. We try to change LLC phase to 32 diffrent values but no use.If colorbar is OK then why real scene not? Is there anything related to CSC or filter that we need to care about?

thank you