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ADV7611 color issue

Question asked by hanjie on Jan 5, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2014 by GuenterL


We're using ADV7611(40 leads) to receive 1080P@60 video in BT1120 format and my processer is TI's TMS320DM385.By now we can work on capturing but the color seems always incorrect, depending on diffrent input methods.

We use a signal generator to ouput colorbar, the color seems OK.But when we generate a complex image out it seems obviously to see some "unwanted color"(attachment signal generator complex image.jpg, image edges, green spots on the woman's face). Then we use PC grapics card's HDMI output to test the case, as see on attachment graphics card YUV444 out.jpg, the white region is filled with small green spots.Such phenomenon dissapears when we use RGB format output(limited range RGB out.jpg), but the color also seems wrong.This case seems worse for a camera HDMI input(see camera out.jpg).

ADV7611 config scripts is provided by local FAE and I we just changed IO register 0x03 and 0x05:

0x03, 0x80,

0x05, 0x1C,

We try to change LLC phase to 32 diffrent values but no use.Change DS_WITHOUT_FILTER can improve edge transition, and force do not bypass CSC can elemate green splots.Above all, this happens only on UV planes, Y is always OK under all cases.But We confirm that Video Port on TMS320DM385 video processor is OK.We wondered:

1. If there any registers(filter, CSC, etc.) that related to such color issue?

2. Then COLORBAR seems OK, does is mean it is not our hardware that cause the issue?

3. In addition, We never success to get free run mode working, related scripts:

IO 0x01 0x05   

IO 0x00 0x14   

CP 0xC9 0x2D   

CP 0xBF 0x13


the whole script:


0xFF, 0x80,

0xF4, 0x80,

0xF5, 0x7c,

0xF8, 0x4C,

0xF9, 0x64

0xFA, 0x6C,

0xFB, 0x68,

0xFD, 0x44,

0x01, 0x06,

0x02, 0xF5,

0x03, 0x80,

0x05, 0x1C,

0x06, 0xA6,

0x0B, 0x44,

0x0C, 0x42,

0x14, 0x7f,

0x15, 0x80,

0x19, 0x8f,

0x33, 0x40,



0xBA, 0x01



0x40, 0x81

0x74, 0x01



0x9B, 0x03

0xC1, 0x01

0xC2, 0x01

0xC3, 0x01

0xC4, 0x01

0xC5, 0x01

0xC6, 0x01

0xC7, 0x01

0xC8, 0x01

0xC9, 0x01

0xCA, 0x01

0xCB, 0x01

0xCC, 0x01

0x00, 0x00

0x83, 0xFE

0x6F, 0x0C

0x85, 0x1F

0x87, 0x70

0x8D, 0x04

0x8E, 0x1E

0x1A, 0x8A

0x57, 0xDA

0x58, 0x01

0x75, 0x10


Thank you