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AD9739, two device synchronization and their clocking input

Question asked by usaghi on Jan 5, 2014
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We are currently designing using AD9518-1 and two AD9739 as multiple synchronization, interleaving ADCLK944 as clock buffer in order to compensate the width of output voltage swing from AD9518-1. Could you please provide advices or check whether the circuit scheme shown in below is good or not ?


planning revised design _block.bmp


Particular points we are concerning are,

a) Input for ADCLK944 is dc-coupled, however is it not need to be ac-coupled ?

b) In regard to line between ADCLK944 and AD9739 DACCLK, are these parameters adequate at output impedance 200 Ohm, differential line impedance 100 Ohm, and input impedance 100 Ohm ?

c) Please advise on layout of PCB pattern I attached.


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