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3D Stereo Vision Query

Question asked by ashish_nr on Jan 4, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2014 by CraigG

Hello everyone, I am relatively new to (3D) computer vision and intend to create a 3d stereo vision system similar to the one mentioned in the following article:

"FPGA-Based System Combines Two Video Streams To Provide 3d Video". URL:


My aim is to create a 3d map of a terrain traversed by a robot. I also wish to perform operations on the 3d map to help with robot navigation (path optimization).

I do believe that the ADSP BF-609 EZ-Board will be a good option for such processing.


My queries are:

1. With what interface will I connect the camera module to the extension EI3 board. (What communication protocol will the camera module follow?)

2. Can I connect more than one camera? Will the BF-609 evaluation board support multiple EI3 camera extension boards (for stereovision)?

3. Which additional software should I use for 3d rendering and visualization?

4. Are there any other better options for low cost 3d imaging that you would suggest?