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The HDCP problem about ADV7619

Question asked by belife2012 on Jan 3, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2014 by DaveD

     Now I'm developing the product in this way: blu-ray players HDMI signal passes ADV7619 processing, the FPGA obtains the RGB video data, after  processing, transmit to the displayer through the ordinary DVI port without HDCP. Does It  violate the requirements of HDCP?

     Now the displayer cannot display  correct video, and it display the snow.

     I doubt that the situation is because : I transmit the video signal, but I don't configure ADV7619 to be a Repeater, since it is transmitted through the DVI port without HDCP, so I cannot experiment with ADV7619 is configured to be a Repeater. Now I want to confirm that , ADV7619 signal can not be transmitted if it is not configured to be a Repeater.