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Automatic EQ - Impuls Response

Question asked by on Jan 3, 2014

Hi all!


I like to test (proof of concept) the Automatic EQ function block (ADAU1701 & Sigma Studio 3.10) and I am looking for someone who has some experience with this block. From Bob I got some helpful infos regarding the impuls response file as input for this block (thanks!). Now I have some additional questions:


a) Speaker Input files for Impuls Response (IR)?


I will measure the impuls response  for my speakers (woofer & tweeter / Target design is a two way system) by myself with a special microphone (MM1) from beyerdynamic. As Input I need the IR from the woofer and the speaker. For me it is clear, that I do single a measurement for  the woofer and one for the tweeter without any crossover. Is this right?


b) Type of filters


As I saw  in the documentation this block uses IIR filters. This type of filters have some (build in) problems with the phase of the signal. It is planned (in the future) to have such a block with FIR Filters?


c) Does someone have more experience with this block? Are the practical results pretty good and useable?


Thanks in advance - Juergen