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ADAU1761 Linux Device Driver for kernel v3.8

Question asked by Medman on Jan 3, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2014 by rcwstr

I have a Zedboard and am using the AMP reference design (running Petalinux v2013.10).  The kernel version used by Petalinux (and Yocto v1.4) is v3.8.11.  The audio chip that comes standard with the Zedboard is the ADAU1761.  It appears the current available analog devices driver is for v3.10 or v3.12, not for v3.8.  Attempts at a backport to v3.8 have not been successful.


Has anyone had any success getting the ADAU1761 working using Linux kernel v3.8?  I would think someone has as this is what the Zedboard supports with the AMP reference design out of the box.


Any help is appreciated.