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SIMD and DAG Question

Question asked by dougcl on Jan 1, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2014 by MaheshN

Hi folks, referring to this thread, it was pointed out that writing to a DAG address in SIMD mode causes both the target address and its adjacent address to be populated with the same value


Is it possible to use this behavior in any beneficial way?


I thought perhaps the code below would populate adjacent locations differently, but it doesn't:






In this case I would like to see junk=0 and junk+1=1, but both locations seem to get the value of 1 from s0.


I guess more generally, I don't see how to use r0 and s0 meaningfully at all, given this behavior. I would like to see an example of SIMD using r0 and s0 to modify internal memory.