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CN-0172: What is register config for AD7793 and ADT7230

Question asked by riscy0000 on Jan 1, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2014 by alexc63



Can you send me list of register configuration used by demo board for both AD7793 and ADT7230 device so I can program it for 3 channel default setting via MCU devce (in c program).


I perfers not to install software (from your CN-0172 website) for demo board because I do not have the demo board. I do not see information about AD7793 and ADT7230 register setting used for this project. Can you fill missing gap. (ie GAIN, MODE, CONFIG, FILTER etc). 


Do you have a description how the converts AD7793/ADT7230 readout into Kelvin.


I will be operating single shot mode.