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ADE7953 Short circuit detection

Question asked by andreasd on Dec 30, 2013
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I'm a SW developer with close to null experience with low level development and HW. So that’s the explanation for any idiotic reasoning and Please keep “new factor” in mind when answering.


In our project we are trying to use the ADE7953 to detect a short circuit. We want to shut of the load within 50 ms after the short circuit has taken place. We have been thinking about two methods; Over Voltage and Current Detections and RMS sampling.

With the Over voltage and over current detection we suspect that we can get IRQ from noise and glitches when instruments in the chain is turned on and off. So we probably have to count the IRQ for some millisecond and decide whether this is a short circuit or not. 

1) sounds reasonable?

We have just gotten the ADE7953 up and running and trying to understand the readings and how to convert table 15 in the ADE7953 to sensible units.

2) Suggestions for how to proceed with convertering?

2)   3)  How can I determine detection level registers?  ex the overvoltage level and overcurrentlevel register?


If we can sample RMS at the 6.99 kHz we believe that the RMS will drop fast when a short circuit occurs. If the ADE7953 will record such event within 50 ms we might meet the requirement.

4) sounds reasonable?


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