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Debugging uClinux applications with CCES problematic

Question asked by nmzaheer on Dec 27, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2014 by nmzaheer

Hi there,


We want to perform remote debugging on BF609 board running on uClinux with CCES 1.0.3 as the front-end application. The Blackfin plugins for Eclipse were installed in CCES and the program is compiled using the Blackfin Windows Toolchain.


A gdbserver session is started on the BF609 and we perform remote debugging using Blackfin GDB in CCES. We are able to connect to the board and are able to step,run,set/reset breakpoints and view registers.


However, the Memory Browser and Plot view don't seem to be working. When the Plot view opens, it says waiting for session to launch while the session has already been started and is in the middle of debugging the program. Also, the Image viewer view does not detect the DSP memory at all.


In Memory Browser view, irrespective of whether I enter the variable name or the memory address, it does not show anything. What I find weird is that in Memory view, I am able to see the memory values for the variable but my need is to dump values onto a file.


We have tried this whole setup on a Linux platform where instead of CCES we used DDD Debugger. We didn't have issues with examining the memory or dumping values but with Plot we faced the same issue.When the built-in plot window opens, it says waiting for session to launch and stays that way forever. We were able to overcome that by using the External (Gnuplot) plot window option.


We are looking for a solution where Plot, Image Viewer and Memory Browser can be used with Blackfin GNU Toolchain with as much ease as with Cross Core Toolchain