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AD8232 Leads Off Detection Question

Question asked by jlcoleman on Dec 27, 2013
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I am using the AD8232 in a Bluetooth Low Energy Heart Rate Monitor Application.  I am currently in the process of hardware verification of the prototype boards.  I am currently using two resting ECG Electrodes attached to myself to monitor the heartbeat.  I am using the AC Leads Off Detection Mode.  When I connect the ECG Electrodes to myself, I was expecting the LOD+ signal on the AD8232 to transition from the Logic High State to the Logic Low State.  What I am observing is the LOD+ signal toggling at approximately 60 Hz.  Is this the response I should be seeing from the LOD+ signal?  If not, why is it toggling instead of transitioning to Logic Low State and then remain at this state until an Electrode is removed?


Your help would be greatly appreciated.