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ad8302 eval bd z - Phase Measurements

Question asked by yreiben on Dec 25, 2013
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I am new to the ad8302 and using the ad8302 eval bd z  with EVAL-ad7091rsdz DGND and SDP-B


We would like to measurement of relative phase from two separate sources (antennas), receiving signals at 900 Mhz at 0 dBm.


We tried to make a conducted test to verify a relative phase is

1. Connect the INP-A and INP-B ,via sma, to a power splitter which is connected to a 900 MHz transmitting source.

2. We connected the ad8302-eval Phase sma connector to the VINB of the EVAL-ad7091rsdz (with it's attached SDP-b board).

3. We connected a common ground source to EVAL-ad7091rsdz DGND connector, to the  ad8302-eval power connector (left and right pins) and to the ground of a 5V DC power supply.

4. The ad8302-eval P3 middle pin(+) is connected  to the 5V power supply ( + ).

5. The EVAL-ad7091rsdz DGND power supply is connected as well

6. A SDP's usb is connected to a PC .


We have managed to measure several values by changing the length of the SMA cables feeding the  ad8302-eval but the results are not as expected since different SMA cables lengths gave similar or identical results.


Did we connect the boards correctly?

We would appreciate any picture or instruction how to connect the  ad8302-eval for purposes of  relative phase measurements and an explanation on the expected results.