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ADV7619 input video frame rete detect

Question asked by jia.dc on Dec 24, 2013
Latest reply on May 22, 2014 by DaveD


I use ADV7619 for HDMI video data receiveing in my design.


In my design the input video format can be change. and I don,t know the video format ,so I want to check the video format by ADV7619.Does it has some register to read to tell me the video format(frame rate, video size ,deep color ,space coler)

I saw the UG-237,I notice the register DEEP_COLOR_MODE[1:0] LINE_WIDTH[12:0] and HDMI_COLORSPACE[3:0]

These register can tell me the video format .But I can find which register can tell me the video frame rate and I also notice the register

V_FREQ[2:0]. is this register setting for frame rate ,if so does that mean the ADV7619 can not automatic detect the video frame rate?


One more question ,I am  confuse for it .

In the datasheet UG-237 about the register PRIM_MODE[3:0] VID_STD[5:0] .What the two register real mean .is that setting the input video format ?

In other words I must know the input video format before I config the ADV7619 by iic ?

If I do not know the video format ,can I get the video format by ADV7619?