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Can BF531 finish realtime video processing with high resolution(1280*1024)

Question asked by Daves on Jun 23, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2010 by Daves

Hi WebMastor,

        I am engaged in a project that involves vehicle’s velocity and traffic statistic, and its configuration is “FPGA + DSP”. Before debugging mage processing arithmetic on bf531, I have validated the arithmetics(such as binary image de-compress, boundary scan, dilation) on PC. However I find it is difficult to execute with realtime processing(video streaming is 30fps), I think it should consume too much time due to high resolution. and DSP basic parameters as below:

Core Frequency: 396MHz

SDRAM(16M size) Frequency: 132MHz


     In addition, when FPGA tranimit data(1024*160 bytes and DSP expands 1024*1280) to DSP each time, it consume about 15% time(33ms*15% = 4.95ms) each frame, and the other 85% time(33ms-4.95ms =28.05ms) is used to make realtime processing. I also attempt to optimize my c program and reduce((about 20%)) consuming time, but it still can’t finish realtime processing.


     In my opinion, maybe BF531 fail to finish realtime processing due to high resolution; if not, I wish get your suggestions or I can get antother method from you.


Best Regards

Daves Chen