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Diagnose problem with USB-SWD/UART-EMUZ

Question asked by tkotwaltx on Dec 23, 2013
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I've got a USB-SWD/UART-EMUZ J-Link emulator that came with the ADuCM360 development board. The emulator was working fine, and then in the middle of debugging a project it just stopped working. Can anyone help diagnose the problem? Here's some info:


- USB-SWD/UART-EMUZ Green LED is on solid. Red LED constantly flashes.

- When I try to use Keil to program a board (Load button on toolbar), the program crashes with no error messages.

- When plugged into a PC, the Com port still shows up in Device Manager, but it doesn't actually work (the ADuCM360 is constantly outputting data from the UART, but nothing shows up in terminal emulator).

- A coworker has the same emulator. When he tries my broken emulator on his PC, it fails in the same way as on my PC. When I try his working emulator on my PC, it works fine.

- I don't see any broken or shorted solder joints, or any other obvious problems on the emulator.


Thanks for the help.