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Using DLL / Labview to program multiple eval-ad5370 boards

Question asked by dpersechini on Dec 23, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 24, 2013 by KarenNE

Hi folks,


I have an eval board for the AD5370.

I have used it and it works very well in various modes.

My difficulty is summarized in my reply to the 3rd topic in the EngineerZone.

Re: AD5370, AD5371, AD5372 and AD5373 evaluation board software commands


Hi, I have read about the new dll for the ad5370 demo board. Learned a lot and wrote the attached ... David Persechini By the way, I tried the AD5370evaluation software that requires hex input and


It would be great if someone in the technical side could help me figure out the problem


Dave Persechini


I have an account with AD.