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how to build usb wifi driver (TL-WN821N) and add it to rootfs

Question asked by Tricky on Dec 22, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2013 by Aaronwu


     I want to use usb wifi on bf548 based on uclinux-dist-2010  presented in the link:[]=usb&s[]=wifi


     For step -----setup wifi ,I encountered some problems :

    1. can someone give some details on building the ath9k_htc driver for linux-

          in this step ,I just refered the readme file ,I justed run:


        ./scripts/driver-select ath9k_htc


      but the linux version is not 2.6.34.x .


    2. And how to add it to rootfs .

       I mean when I run menuconfig ,it appears in the options.

      (may be this question is some foolish....)