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BF548 EzKit Power_On_Self_Test Touchscreen LCD doesn't work

Question asked by StevenJAckerman on Jun 23, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2010 by CraigG

Using Visual DSP v5.0 Update 7. Have a BF548 EzKit v1.3. Set the board jumpers and switches as per the Readme.txt for the Power_On_Self_Test example. Removed the BF548_EZKIT_REV_1_4 symbol definition from the Project Options and did a Project, Rebuild Project.


Flashed the project into the EzKit.


Resetting the board w/o holding PB1 cycles the LEDs and the pictures cycle through on the LCD display.


If I hold PB1 and reset the board, then I can step through all of the tests UNTIL I get to the Touchscreen LCD test - five is shown on the LEDs, but the LCD remains blank white and nothing that I can do seems to make anything display on the LCD or make the test procede any further.


Any quick ideas for what I might be doing wrong ?


Thank you,


Steven J. Ackerman

ACS, Sarasota, FL