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ADuM6132 problems with DC-DC-Converter

Question asked by kap on Dec 20, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2014 by bkennedy

I’m using the mentioned device in a typical gate drive circuit. If the voltage switched by the actuated half-bridge exceeds 85V, the DC-DC converter seems to stop clocking for about 600ns (t1) which results in a voltage drop on the Viso output (measurement between pin 16 and 15; purple curve).


The driver output (measurement between pin 12 and 14; red curve) does also behave very unpredictable.


What can affect the dc-dc converter to stop operating?

When the converter starts clocking again (t2), the driver output behaves very crazy; looks a little bit like a high impedance state.


Why does the driver output behave like that? Is this normal?


The Circuit is realized like advised in the datasheet.