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Noise at output when using dac_dma_setup(fmcsel) function,

Question asked by ali786 on Dec 20, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 31, 2013 by FArid

hellow every1,

i am experiencing noise when using dac_dma_setup(),i have no idea why this is happening.although the dds_setup() functions generates a very fine sine wave to generate I and Q but when i try to program DAC using vdma path from LUT,the output signal exhibits alot of noise,the same LUT generates a very Sine wave in matlab,so i beleive there is nothing wrong with the samples,i tried to see outputs using hardware oscilloscope at SMBs on the FMC-comms1,i dont see anything on the SMBs except at j9 and j10,where i see a carrier sine wave of 122.8 Mhz..a little help will be appreciated

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