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BF548 EzKit mass_storage_app problems

Question asked by DampSquid on Jun 23, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2010 by CraigG

I have searched the zone and am not the first to experience this issue but the responses in the previous discussions do not fix or help so i shall describe what i have found so far.


The PC (windows XP SP3, fresh install on new PC setup just to run Visual DSP) does not recognise the storage device correctly.


When set to use the HardDisk of the EzKit the PC recognises the USB device but does not detect and volume on it.

- disk manager shows the device with the correct size (37.25GB) but all unallocated, Disk1, Unknown, Not Initialised.

- safely remove hardware shows "USB Mass Storage Device - ADI MS Class USB Device" but no volume (and in blue not black text)


When set to not use the HardDisk the PC recognises the device but still there are issues.

- disk manager shows the device with an incorrect size (2GB)

- the mounted Disk is however the correct size of 8MB and is fully accessible.


I have formatted the Ezkit harddisk with the HardDiskFormat application.

I have also used the shell_browser which is happy with the disk and have put a couple of directory on it.



Visual DSP Version 5, with Update 7 installed.

EzKit BOM 2.1, Rev 1.4, sitcker 1.8

OS Windows XP SP3


Thank You in advance and I shall try to answer any further questions as best i can.