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how to burn program into spi flash in right way

Question asked by on Dec 20, 2013
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Dear all:


About the former issue - DSP is not running in right way after burning image into SPI flash, I take some experiments to diagnose.


Finally, I found out that the process of burning is no problem - I have written a spi flash reading program so that I can compare data captured from SPI flash with the binary file (ADSP21469_PBLED.ldr - building in binary format, not Hex).


Of course, it's done after burning the file into spi flash and reset. In the end, I find no difference  between captured data and binary file.


So the only root cause can only locate in procedure after reset:

1) Bootrom read BOOT_CFGx - should be spi master mode

2) Load image from SPI flash into memory (base address: 0x8c005, right?)

3) Execute kernel part of image starting from base address

4) In the end of kernel part, it will copy 2nd part of image - application part to base address(0x8c005) and run it.


But unfortunately, I can't make program stays in "main" function entry through breakpoint setting which proves that the program has run away.


Afterwards, I use another way to observe what happens: reset mcu after burning and trace PC flow.

1) Reset DSP after burning

2) And now PC (register) will halt in address (0x8c005).


Inline image 1


3) Load symbol file (ADSP21469_PBLED.ldr.dxe) to help debug


Inline image 2


4) type "f11" to step in, and PC will jump to "___lib_start".


Inline image 3


5) Now you can see the instruction address "0x126041" is invalid which can't be found in symbol file. If you keep on running (F11), PC will run away - to somewhere I don't know.


Inline image 4


6) Meanwhile, If you watch address of main function - it should be 0x124504 which is got form project map file (, you will also find the instruction block is fully wrong.


Inline image 5


Inline image 6


And you can also prove this since you can't find binary bytes "000059BE" in binary file (ADSP21469_PBLED.ldr).


Above is the experiment result in snapshot, I will also attach pictures and projects for your reference.


In the other hand, right instructions for both "main" function and "___lib_start" can be easily retrieved if you download "ADSP21469_PBLED.dxe" through JTAG emulator.

1) Main function instruction block


Inline image 7


You can also find that breakpoint woks in place.


Inline image 10


In addition, you can find instruction "0x00001804" of main function in "ADSP21469_PBLED.ldr".



2) "___lib_start" instruction block



Inline image 9

Inline image 8



After all, I suspect the process of building "ADSP21469_PBLED.ldr" is somewhere wrong or the kernel  file "C:\Program Files\Analog Devices\VisualDSP 5.0\214xx\ldr\469_spi.dxe" is not the right one.


But I can't debug on this file since I don't understand how kernel file should be linked as header of final loader file "ADSP21469_PBLED.ldr". This may need ADI engineer's help.


Below is description of loader file building process and burning process.

1) Building process:

I choose these options in "Project:Load:General" page:

A. Boot Type - SPI master

B. Format: Binary

C. Width: 8-bit

D. User default kernel - direct to "C:\Program Files\Analog Devices\VisualDSP 5.0\214xx\ldr\469_spi.dxe"


Inline image 11


2) Burning process:

1) Driver: "21469EzFlashDriver_Serial.dxe" which is generated from 21469 start-kit example project under folder "C:\Program Files\Analog Devices\VisualDSP 5.0\214xx\Examples\ADSP-21469 EZ-Board\Flash Programmer\Serial".


We use same flash with EZ-Board - m25p16.

2) Programming:

A. Erase all

B. Binary (start from 0x0)

C. Data - ADSP21469_PBLED.ldr

D. Verify while programming


Inline image 12


So that'all, please help to find out what's the matter.

By the way, the flash programmer I used to read spi flash is also attached.


Thanks very much!