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Instrumentation amplifier

Question asked by on Dec 19, 2013
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One of my customers, Sensible Medical, are looking for a low noise instrumental amplifier or difference amplifier, or any similar amplifier with the following specs:


  1. Their signal freuency is at the 50-100KHz band.
  2. Reasonable CMRR at the frequencies above: CMRR>40dB.
  3. Good PSRR: >70dB (for the entire bandwidth).
  4. Most important: very low flicker noise at low gain. We would like to have lower
    flicker noise than 10nV/sqrt(Hz) [normalized to the input] at G~2 (3dB).
  5. We don't mind if the amplifier has a DC offset cancellation / chopper, as long as the entire band (up to 100KHz) has no spurs!! (it probably means that we do NOT want a chopper...).
  6. low current (<5mA) and low cost (<$1 for 10k).