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AD9914: profile mode vs single-tone vs parallel port modulation

Question asked by nmrcarl on Dec 18, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2014 by nmrcarl

I am confused about the three modes.


In profile mode (CFR2:23 = 1) it is clear that the FTW, POW and ASF come from the selected profile register.

If CFR2:23=0, where do the 3 values come from?

If CFR2:22=1, where do the values not selected by the F[] pins come from?  For example, if F[3..0]=4, POW and ASF come from the parallel port, but the source of FTW is unclear.

Perhaps someone could clarify this.


In my application, I would like to do the following:

1. Set frequency 1 using parallel programming mode.

2. Perform phase modulation via the parallel port.

3. Set frequency 2 using parallel programming mode.

4. Perform phase modulation via the parallel port.

5. Repeat.


What series of operations do I need to perform to allow this?  Perhaps the following is wrong (it doesn't work), but how?

1. Set F[3..0] = 0 (parallel programming)

2. Send FTW #1 (to profile 0?)

   2a. Set CFR2:23 = 1 (profile mode enable)

   2b. Set PS[2..0] = 0

   2c. Send FTW #1 to register P0

3. Set CFR2:23 = 0, CFR2:22 = 1

4. Set F[3..0] = 4 (parallel port data is POW/ASF)

5. Send PM/AM data via parallel port.

6. Set F[3..0] = 0

7. Send FTW #2

   7a. Set CFR2:23 = 1

   7b. Set PS[2..0] = 0

   7c. Send FTW #2 to register P0

8. Set CFR2:23 = 0, CFG2:22 = 1

9. Set F[3..0] = 4

10. Send PM/AM data



What am I missing?