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AD9102-EBZ - Question/Problem with USB Connectivity

Question asked by BenPotsaid on Dec 16, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2014 by BenPotsaid

Hi.  We recently received the AD9102-EBZ evaluation board.


I was able to install the software + drivers, connect a clock source + power supply + scope, and run the AD9102_SPI.exe software in order to successfully generate the waveform of Example 1 in the Quick Start Guide.


During this testing (if I recall correctly), the green LED would be lit whenever the USB was connected to the PC computer.


I then left the EBZ kit connected and did some C++ USB development in which I may have sent USB commands to the EBZ kit.  At some time during this development I noticed that the green LED was off.


I then returned to the AD9102_SPI.exe software and was not able to properly connect to the EBZ kit hardware as I was before.  The AD9102_SPI.exe hangs, reacts very sluggishly, and is no longer able to generate the waveform signal of Example 1.  I installed the software from the CD on a different computer, but do not see the green LED light, nor does the AD9102_SPI.exe respond as I expect it should.


The question is if the PIC on the evaluation board contains a USB bootloader or has other registers that I may have corrupted during the C++ USB development.


My first goal is to get the AD9102-EBZ evaluation board back into the original state.  I could purchase a PIC programmer and reprogram the PIC if you think I may have overwritten the code, or try other diagnostics that you think may help narrow down the problem.


   Thanks very much.  We are looking forwards to seeing what this chip can do.


       - Ben