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>Unclearence regarding some Pins of AD7634

Question asked by bmtil on Dec 16, 2013
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in my project I am using the AD7634 as AD-Converter. The AD7634 is configured in 18bit Warp Mode, parallel interface, +10/-10V input signal.

I want to control the AD7634 with the µC AT32UC3A Atmel Device.

There are four pins from the AD7634 where I don't have the clearence what to do with them, or how should I connect them to the µC.

The Pins are: Busy (No. 29), CNVST (No. 35), RD (No. 31) and CS (No. 32).

The idea was to control the AD7634 through the Pins Busy and CNVST. So if the Busy Pin is Low, the parallel datainterface is enabled (data-ready clock signal). Through CNVST Pin my µC can start the conversion.

First question is, can I connect the Busy and CNVST Pins to any IO-Pins of my µC, or do they need special pins?


The second question is, How do I use the RD and CS Pins? Have I to use them, or can I just leave them open? In the datasheet I read, that both pins should be open, so the parallel interface can be enabled, but I enabled the parallel interface though the Pins 3 and 4. What am I misreading and misunderstanding. Please explain.


many thanks and best regards, mikhail.