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Can "ADV7511W" receive 1920x1080 60Hz interlace video with 8bit, pixel clock 148.5MHz?

Question asked by Tamu on Dec 16, 2013
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I have a question about input of ADV7511W.

The customer wants to input 1920x1080 60Hz interlace video (sampling clock 74.25MHz) to ADV7511W with 8bit, pixel clock 148.5MHz.
Can ADV7511W do it?
Please refer Table 4 "Input ID Selection" on HW user guide.
He wants ADV7511W to do it with the Input ID=3 or 4.
But the "Maximum Input Clock" is 82.5 MHz.
Is the 82.5 MHz pixel clock?
Is the 82.5 MHz sampling clock?


Thank you.
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