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Query about AD8325

Question asked by WayneQ on Dec 16, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2014 by BruceP

Hi, there

The part is AD8325ARU which is a programmable gain amplifier.

I need to find two parameters which I cannot find in the datasheet.
1. What is the maximum input signal level for undistorted output?
2. What is the bottom end of the devices operating bandwidth? (3dB down)

What I was wanting to know was maximum input voltage for undistorted output, which does not seem to be specified. From testing it is above 31dBmV and below 0.5Vp-p. It would be nice to have a real figure to design to as for our purposes we want to maximize the input level despite the reduced range of the output do to saturating at higher gains. Even though I read the datasheet carefully this figure is not give, but it is supplied for other similar devices.


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