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Issue with my ad7609, busy signal o/p..

Question asked by rndlab on Dec 14, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2014 by jcolao

I have interfaced the AD7609 in parallel to a TMS320F28335 GPIO's. I have a problem with ADC busy o/p. When CONVST is Active(High), Busy should be Active(HIGH) and after Tconv(8-channel conversion), Busy should get a High to Low Transition. Till this stage it is working as expected. But, after the Busy High to Low Transition, the CONVST is made low, and all the CS & RD pulses for o/p data are given. The problem is when CONVST is made low, busy isn't getting LOW and when 2nd time CONVST is made active(High) the busy is expected to get a high to low transition, which is not happening. The busy is remaining in High state.


I have used a 70mm length Bus for Data lines & Control signals. Using the 10V range in parallel Interfacing mode and the 5v supply is from power supply and 3.3v supply is from TMS320F28335.


Please reply as soon as is a scheduled task and i am stuck with it.