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ADV7623 HDMI Repeater Driver API missing ADIAPI_RxInit function?

Question asked by ChrisO on Dec 15, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2013 by ChrisO

Hi Guys.  I have already written a bunch of code that directly controls the ADV7623 OSD.  That piece works very well.  What I didn't realize until I started hooking up different source devices is that there is a ton of manual management that needs to occur real-time between the source and sink device (for the HDMI repeater application.)  So I’m back peddling now and attempting to implement the ADV7623 HDMI Repeater Driver API.  So here comes the API questions!


Is the ADV7623 HDMI Repeater Driver API missing the ADIAPI_RxInit() function?  It’s prototyped in src\rx\rx_lib.h but the function doesn’t exist in any folder (app, common, midware, etc.)  I have version 1.55.


Thank you and I promise not ask too many questions!


- Chris