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Unable to program ML605 with self-generated bit-file

Question asked by ali786 on Dec 13, 2013
Latest reply on May 27, 2014 by charlyelkhoury

Dear analog represenatives,

i have recently started using the fmc-comms1-ebz1 with my ml605 board...i downloaded the reference designs from analog site for ml605,the no-os master folder that contains source code runs perfectly with the ready for download bit file,however when i try to build my own bit file after generating .ngc files in core-gen from provided .xco files in the reference design,,the bit file is generated succesfully but when i program that bitfile on the ml605,it gives the following error,

"microblaze is under reset"

"there is no hardware debug module present in the hardware"

when i go to XMD console and type: connect mb mdm,it gives the error that hardware debug module is not found in the the design but the debug module is properly connected to microblaze in EDK,,i ve cross checked time and again and rebuilt my bit file,i ve checked the UCF file,mhs file,and everything else but the carrier will just not program with the generated bitfile,the generated bitfile is the same size as the ready for download bitfile

both are 9017 KBytes in size,

your help is highly appreciated,,

i have a long way to go and i plan to create my own I and Q signal and explore different options in switching between VDMA and DDS at DAC input,but before that i should be confident enough that i am using my own bitfile such that i can put my own chipscope ILAs in the design to see different signal at different outputs

best regards