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AD9129 Evaluation Board & Xilinx ML-605 Reference Design Questions

Question asked by Mike_ on Dec 13, 2013
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I'm using AD9129 Evaluation Board, DAC-FMC Interposer & Xilinx ML-605 Reference Design

and I have several questions.


I followed the step-by-step procedure outlined on your wiki (

and was expecting to see a tone at 300MHz (as outlined in the wiki); however, on my system, the tone is present at 257.1167MHz.


My first question is: why is the RF tone present at 257.1167MHz and not at 300MHz?


For my evaluation, I would like to test the AD9129's passband flatness and spurious performance in my band of interest, so I was hoping to be able to change the tone frequency on the fly.

Looking at the regmap.txt file in the pcores directory it looks like the dds_scale field might be able to allow me to change the digital tone's frequency.


Can the registers outlined in the regmap.txt file be accessed/modified on the fly?  If so, then how does one access them?


Thanks in advance,