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AD2S1210 LOT and DOS pins are always low

Question asked by ali80 on Dec 13, 2013
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I'm using AD2S1210 and no matter what i do, LOT and DOS pins are always low.

Since I can set the excitation frequency and read the default register values correctly, i believe that that  communication to the IC is alright.

I try to read the fault registers and I always get 0x40 which according to datasheet corresponds to "Sin/Cosine inputs below LOS threshold",

I have attached the waveform. the yellow and blue one are the SIN and COS pins while SINLO and COSLO are both connected to 2.5v (IC reference), the purple waveform is the EXC pin.

I have been scratching my head for several days and have no idea whats wrong.

I am looking forward to your answer.

Thanks in advance