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ADV7619 - which mode supports 4kx2k?

Question asked by ggottawa on Dec 12, 2013
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I reviewed the “datasheet of ADV7619”.

Available output modes according to the datasheet are the following. 


  • SDR 4:2:2 (8/10/12-bit)                                                 .. Table 7. Page 16/24
  • SDR 4:2:2 (16/20/24-bit)                                               .. Table 8. Page 17/24    
  • SDR 4:4:4 (24/30/36-bit)                                               .. Table 9. Page 18/24
  • DDR 4:2:2 (8/10/12-bit) – clock/2                                   .. Table 10. Page 19/24
  • DDR 4:4:4 (24/30/36-bit) – clock/2                                 .. Table 11. Page 20/24
  • Special SDR 4:2:2 & SDR 4:4:4 (2x16, 2x20, 2x24-bit)    .. Table 12. Page 21/24


My application needs to support 3840x1080@60 (8-bit deep).

Therefore, I am going to use a mode which supports 4kx2k@30 (8-bit deep).

I need to to figure out which mode supports 4kx2k@30 (or 3840x1080@60).


By setting OP_FORMAT_SEL[7:0] to 0x54 as shown on page 21/24 of the datasheet, ADV7619 can be in "2xSDR 4:4:4 Interleaved" mode.  


Question 1:

Is “2xSDR 4:4:4 Interleaved” the right mode to support 4kx2k (8-bit deep)?

Is there any other recommended mode which supports 4kx2k (8-bit deep)?



By the way, the pinouts of SDR 4:4:4 (2x24-bit) is quite different from the pinouts in the reference design (EVAL_ADV7619_7511_rev1.p1.pdf, page 6/11). Its schematic is attached. The reference design does not even specify the details of the color-signals. It only showed D_Rx0~D_Rx35 & D_3G0~ D_3G11.

Question 2

Does it mean that pinouts do not have to be specified as R[x], G[x], B[x]?


Thank you.