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ADAU1701 SPI mode

Question asked by ChristianH on Dec 12, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2013 by ChristianH

Hi all,


we have an ADAU1701 controlled by a Coldfire µC over SPI.

This usually works fine but in some cases the communication fails.


We started development of a first device with ADAU1701 with SPI mode 0 (CPOL=0, CPHA=0) and it worked (ARM µC, no OS).

We did a second design (Coldfire, Linux) and had problems with that setting.


Searching in the forum I found out that BrettG recommended SPI mode 3 (CPOL=1, CPHA=1).

We tested that mode but here it never worked.

We tested CPOL=0, CPHA=1 and also get some random fails.


Can someone confirm the correct SPI mode for the ADAU1701?