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ADV7611 doesn't accept YUV422

Question asked by kasthurirangan on Dec 12, 2013
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I am using My PC as  HDMI transmitter which transmits YUV422 video but ADV7611 AVI Info-frame block reports that as RGB_Limited mode [Register HDMI_COLORSPACE[3:0], Addr 68 (HDMI), Address 0x53[3:0] (Read Only) : 0000 (default) RGB_LIMITED Pg.No:88/184] always. I am just seeing blue screen on the output side of HDMI Receiver. When I switch HDMI Transmitter to RGB888, ADV7611 works fine.

Will there be any register configuration problem with ADV7611 especially for YUV mode?


Additional Info :

INP_COLOR_SPACE[3:0] is set to default (1111 - Input color space depends on color space reported by HDMI block). Also I have tried force YCbCr601 option but didnt get the expected output. 

PRIM_MODE set to HDMI-Component.



Kasthuri Rangan V