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Some questions for your good ADM2582E EMC trouble fixing

Question asked by Kaos on Dec 11, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2013 by Kaos

Dear Sir/Madam,


We just met the trouble of radiated emittion with your ADM2582E as 360MHz.

So I had checked and searched for your applicaiton note and some document.

We just found AN-0971,and read well. Also here engineerzone I watched well as radiated emitton posted trouble fixing.


Questions for AN-0971:

1) As for your eval board on UG-044, floating stitching area seems same areaa also inout side and output side each.

   Is this correct? If the input area largere then output area, then what trouble come??


2)My pwb have 8 layers. So when I put the stitching solution for my PWB trace layout, please give me your good advice.

L1=signal trace

L2=power layer

L3=GND layer

L4=put floating pad

L5=GND layer

L6=put floating pad

L7=GND layer

L8=signal trace

I need the small floating pad area for my trouble fixing.

Please give me your good advice.


3)I just found your addtional capacitor on input side to output side.

  When I put the addtional capacitour there, the input side=power plane and output side=GND or the input side=GND and output side=GND also, which is best setting?

Otherwise how can I deal these ways for best fixing ??


4)Do you have the good tool for these inspection or reconfirm before making PWB? We say it as simulator.


Thanks Kaos