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Problem in FMCOMMS-1 with xilinx KC705

Question asked by ydsdsds on Dec 10, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2014 by DragosB


I have been using FMCOMMS-1 with xilinx KC705.When I do the test as ,I found it did't work when it comes to the ADC test,the following test below the red line could't show:


So I check the program found it stuck in this loop:

        while ((Xil_In32(baddr + 0x088) & 0x1) == 1);


I thought "baddr+0x88" is the status word,change if AD9643 read a signal.

So when there comes a signal,jump out of the loop.


I wonder why this problem happened because it should work even if the signal is a chaos noise.

And I don't know what "baddr+0x88","baddr+0x80",etc refers to because I could't find any clue in the datasheet of ad9643.

So please help me and I will be grateful.


Please forgive my terrible English,and the relative program is in the attachment.