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How to perfom input range scaling for AD7980 with Eval-Board UG-340

Question asked by Timbo on Dec 9, 2013
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Currently we are trying to connect a Netzer DS90 sensor to the evaluation board UG-340. Beside the ADC the board contains an amplifier circuit show on page 16 of the datasheet of the UG-340. In the datasheet there is the hint that input scaling is possible to adapt the board to the input signal. We have an interrest in amplifying the signal of the sensor to use the whole measurement range. The sensor privides 1V P-P sine signal around a voltage of 2.25V reference.

However as far as I know, a differential aplifier cricuit would be suitable the fit our needs. As far as I could see, normally the circuit is not intended to act as differntial amplifier. If using it this way, would i fry the ADC (since the signal would get negative)? And what does the VCM circuit do? Is that the point where the DC (2.25V reference) should be connected?

My main question is, how to use that circuit proberly.


Thanks in advance