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Intefacing BF592 SPORT in I2S mode to ADAU1978

Question asked by lancia58 on Dec 8, 2013
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I have ADAU1978 ( A to D ) that is connected to a BF592 SPORT 0.  I would like to configure the ADAU1978 as a master and work in I2S mode. I configured both the ADAU1978 and the BF592 , so the ADAU1978 is the master in I2S mode and the BF592 to slave in I2S mose. I enabled the BF592 SPORT 0 RX interrupt ( I am not using DMA ) . When reading SPORT 0 RX FIFO I do not get what I expected. From the data **** I can not figure out if the RX interrupt is generated on the falling edge of the LRCLK i.e. four ADAU samples are in the FIFO.  Has any one work in that mode and can provide the code both for the initialization of the ADAU registers and the BF592 SPORT 0 registers ?